Those ten minutes…

It’s raining.Drops of love are being showered upon us by God.The leaves are iterating the heavenly buzzing sound of the rains.The cool drops warming our hearts.I can hear every leaf twitch.I can hear every drop fall to the ground.I can smell the fresh mud.The Earth washed with love.I feel close to Nature.I feel close to her.A cool, sharp breeze blows by.I get shivers down my spine.Drop after drop falls on me.They drench me to the bone.They quench my thirst.

There she stands.Covered in these blessings.Looking divine.She runs her hands through her wet hair, pulling it back.Her eyes.I can see fire in them.Her face.Her lips.Everything is so surreal that I realise I’ve been looking at her all the time, standing in the rain.The trees sway.Her beauty is a sight.It’s a sight I crave to behold.I try to ignore ignited flames in me. I hold back. Simply watch her going. That’s when the rains do their magic. She turns back to look at me. I think I can see a faint smile. Then a generous but delicate one. I’m feeling cold from the outside, warm from the inside. She pulls away those bands and lets her hair hang loose. She looks like an angel. I’m intoxicated. I’m in euphoria.I need more of this drug. Her face gives off sparks.I walk slowly towards her. She simply shuts her eyes and faces the heavens, feeling the soothing rain on her face.I walk slowly.Enjoying this beauty.She opens her palm to catch the rain.I feel insane.I’m falling in love.I reach her.We’re standing really close.I can feel her warm breaths.She looks at me.Why does she look sad ? Why doesn’t she say anything ? Ah there.She is about to say something as I see her lips parting.But I hold her hands.I want to enjoy more of this moment.I want more of these games with her eyes.Slowly I hold her face.Yes it’s been a long time.The feeling is so familiar, I feel like it was just yesterday when I met her for the first time.But anyway, we’re together again.After four long years.I’m in a trance.I touch her lips.She trembles.I feel like an electric shock run through me.I feel like the heavens parting.I’m holding her so close to me with my fingers gently sliding across her hair and my eyes drowned in her big black eyes.I think she can feel my heart skipping beats.She gradually slips her hands below mine and feels my back.Tighter.I like this warm feeling.Her heart beating so close to mine, where it should be.I hold her.She rests her head on my shoulder.The pleasure is so enchanting.I want to stay like this forever.I kiss her neck.She sizzles as I tuck a few strands of hair behind her ears.She looks down.I think she’s smiling.But I can hear sobbing too.I lift her chin.She looks up.Into my eyes.The rain hides her tears but I can understand.She can’t believe we’re together again.Her arms go around my neck.Her soft pink lips meet mine.Her eyes are shut.She wants to feel this moment.I feel overwhelmed.We keep kissing and this doesn’t seem to have any end.Limiting this to soft kissing, we slowly part .I kiss her forehead.I love her.She’s mine.Yes, she’s mine.God made her for me and I’ve found her.She’s standing in monotone clothes.Sensual as hell and I’m in a plain tee and jeans.We’re enjoying what life is offering us.

The raindrops which once seemed like blessings are make her all the very more seductive.My heart flutters.I feel butterflies in my stomach.

The rains gradually stop.The moon comes out of its hiding.The night sky is so full of twinkling stars.The moonlight floods the ground.She moans slightly as I touch her neck.A beauty more ethereal than angels is standing so close to me.The atmosphere’s divinely lit up.Trees are singing.The moon is generous.There’s a gurgling stream nearby.All the twinkling stars and the moon are there.It’s heaven on earth.She entangles her fingers in mine.Her breathing is rigorous and heavy.It’s quite cold.We stand there in the fog, the mist.Darkness is all around.We slowly fade away.Fade away in each other’s memories.We lived life in these ten minutes.These ten minutes saw us in heaven.These ten minutes had fairies down to the earth, singing.These ten minutes…


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