The cold night brightens up the love between the moonlight and the breeze.Trees dance to divine music.Flowers smile to the sky.The sky stretches its arms for us.I just want to see her smile.I want it to rain.I want her to hold my hands and dance.I want to be happy.

When these leaves rustle.When these stars twinkle.When the wind chimes jingle.When she smiles.Why do I feel spellbound ? When she blushes and looks down. Why do I feel cozy ? When she speaks softly so that only I can hear.No one else.When she hides words from this world and brings them to me.Just for me.Why do I smile ? When she shows that motherly care for me.When she slowly pats my cheeks.When she comforts me with “I am with you “. Why do I feel that this is’nt different.Why do I feel that this all has happened before.Why do I feel I’ve met her before too.Why do I feel I need her.When she laughs loudly and then rubs the top of her nose.Why do her sweet actions make me want to live ? Live for her.When she innocently tells me that someone shall see us.When her eyes meet mine.When her tears love the company of mine.When her happiness intoxicates me.When the wind blows her hair onto her face and she shivers as I remove them.When she places her hand on my mouth to stop me from speaking.When she tells that she’ll make everything alright.When she tries to make me believe that there’s alot for me in life.I feel something.I feel that someone loves me more than I do.I feel that someone cares for my life more than I do.I feel that someone can’t live without me.I feel good.I smile.I feel a stream of blood trickling down from the corner of my lips.I turn away from her.I smile some more.She calls me.I just smile.She calls me again.I just close my eyes.Her face in my heart,her voice soothing my ears and the sound of her footsteps measuring my heartbeats, I can hear her heartbeats.Life is complete for me.I don’t need anything else.Darkness closes in.I fall down lifeless.Still smiling.The curtain of life falls.I think I can hear her crying.Crying for me.I just smile…


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