The Starry Night.

I walked out of my house, and stared up high,

Where I saw the moon,in the bliss of the night.

I felt her absence all the very more-

And crying was no longer an option since my eyes were already sore.

So I closed my eyes and again faced the sky,

Looking for her, in the starry night.

I suddenly remembered us sitting on a hill high,

With nothing around us-except the sky

She pointed a finger towards the brightest star

Believe me when I tell you, it wasn’t far

For I would just have to look to my side

To see the brightest star of the night.

Slowly she huddled up close to me

The night was as romantic as it could be

The long grass was gently waving to the breeze

And a few birds chirped from the trees

Her eyes seemed to say words of love to mine,

And that was what we did all the time.

Gently I held her hand and with her fingers entangled in mine

I just whistled a song-the summer of sixty nine.

She gently rested her head on my shoulder

Taking my jacket off, I pulled her closer

There we sat dreaming what our future would be like

While I suddenly came back to reality-to the empty starry night.


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