Rose and Rain

She stood there waiting for me, getting drenched in the rain and holding a rose in her hands.Winds were blowing and rain splattered all around.The streets were slowly getting flooded and the aroma of wet earth was overwhelming.Every leaf looked a brilliant green and the rain kept on with its tantalising buzzing. She was twisting that rose in her hand, thinking something.I looked at her.The rain had made her open her hair.Her long hair hung till her hips.Her lips gave an amber glow.Drops of rain fell on her and slid down.Down her pink cheeks.Down her red lips.Down her long neck.Down her chest.Down her breasts.Down her stomach.Down…

I suddenly noticed that she had seen me and was smiling beautifully .It looked like she was making every flower blossom.Like she was casting spells on me and pulling me towards her.I took a few steps.She took a few steps towards me as well.Slowly we inched closer.And closer.And closer untill we could hear each other’s breaths.Closer, untill our noses touched.Untill I could rest my forehead on hers.She looked like a fairy. My fairy.Her eyes were hypnotic.Our fingers began to entangle in each other’s.Our breaths became heavier.Our lips moved closer.And our eyes closed…as if forever.

After some time I opened my eyes and looked at her.Her big black eyes met mine again.I touched her neck.She shivered.Her gaze darted downwards.I lifted her chin so that she looked at me.She closed her eyes and tilted her head backward.Her bosom rose and fell to her heavy breaths.I traced my finger all the way down to her chest.Her breaths were getting heavier.She looked at me and I ran my hands through her long silky hair.Her eyes had fire in them.Her heart’s fire.She touched my cheeks.She touched my muscular arms .She touched my chest.She kissed me.She hugged me.She smiled at me.

I had alot to say but my eyes were in no mood to let me talk.There was no sound other than the raindrops hitting the ground. No sound other than out hearts thumping.Both of us couldn’t talk but we understood what the other had to say.Our eyes were already talking.She leaned in slowly and whispered “I love you”.I just kept looking at her.I didn’t know what to do. To be happy. To be excited . To hug her tight .It was an overwhelming feeling.She looked at me expectantly while I kept on gazing at her like a fool.Her fool.Well, they say Lovers are fools, don’t they ?

I held her hands.Her pink cheeks turned red.The smile wouldn’t leave her face.I told her everything I had always wanted to say.Everything.

Never before had I felt so happy.Never before had my heart been on such a raging fire.Never before had I felt such passion.Never before had I been in love.The rains slowly ceased. The clouds parted. A dull orange sun appeared out of its hiding.Birds began to chirp.People began to come out of their houses and we walked away quietly.Hand in hand. Smiling to ourselves.Smiling for ourselves.


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