Moonlight and Love

On a moonlit night I dream about her. It’s that windy night when the curtains dance.When she sizzles at every touch of mine.When I don’t think about anything else.When I dont think about anyone else.I look into her eyes.I feel mad.I feel like dancing to my heart’s tunes.I feel like singing to her.The moonlight is streaming in through the window.There’s some rustling outside.Leaves fall off as the wind  hugs the trees.Slowly it begins to rain.A sweet and fresh aroma of the earth fills the room.The sound is intoxicating.

Raindrops jump in the arms of the lake.The moon hides behind the clouds.Such is the atmosphere.It’s difficult to not fall in love.

She looks at me as her eyes dart around.She slowly gathers courage to look into my eyes.This is no dream….Actually it is one.But it’s that dream which came true. My hand reaches out to her cheek.She holds it and closes her eyes.I pull her towards me.She frees her hair and looks at me.Oh what an angel she looks like.I feel mesmerized.I feel enchanted.I feel her love.She takes off her top as I do away with my shirt. My fingers slide down her neck.She just buries her face in my chest and hugs me tight.I hug her back.I feel like I can’t ever get enough of her.She feels my arms.I quietly watch what she is upto.I can see that glint of love in her eyes.I run my hands through her long silky hair.I like her aroma.Divine.Seductive.I pull off the hooks and let the last piece of her clothing fall.And I let myself fall too.Fall in love with her body.I pull her face towards mine and kiss her.She reciprocates and doesn’t seem in a mood to let go.We make love.We don’t let each other sleep all night.We love each other.We live by each other.We live for each other…


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