The cold night brightens up the love between the moonlight and the breeze.Trees dance to divine music.Flowers smile to the sky.The sky stretches its arms for us.I just want to see her smile.I want it to rain.I want her to hold my hands and dance.I want to be happy. When these leaves rustle.When these stars … Continue reading Death


Those ten minutes…

It's raining.Drops of love are being showered upon us by God.The leaves are iterating the heavenly buzzing sound of the rains.The cool drops warming our hearts.I can hear every leaf twitch.I can hear every drop fall to the ground.I can smell the fresh mud.The Earth washed with love.I feel close to Nature.I feel close to … Continue reading Those ten minutes…

Moonlight and Love

On a moonlit night I dream about her. It's that windy night when the curtains dance.When she sizzles at every touch of mine.When I don't think about anything else.When I dont think about anyone else.I look into her eyes.I feel mad.I feel like dancing to my heart's tunes.I feel like singing to her.The moonlight is … Continue reading Moonlight and Love


Rose and Rain

She stood there waiting for me, getting drenched in the rain and holding a rose in her hands.Winds were blowing and rain splattered all around.The streets were slowly getting flooded and the aroma of wet earth was overwhelming.Every leaf looked a brilliant green and the rain kept on with its tantalising buzzing. She was twisting … Continue reading Rose and Rain


The Starry Night.

I walked out of my house, and stared up high, Where I saw the moon,in the bliss of the night. I felt her absence all the very more- And crying was no longer an option since my eyes were already sore. So I closed my eyes and again faced the sky, Looking for her, in … Continue reading The Starry Night.